We provide consultation services and application of phematic components

T.M Automation & Engineering Trading Sdn. Bhd, founded on 10th August 1990, Specialized on Pneumatic Automation, Designing and Fabrication, servicing most major established company, ie : Electronic, Automotive, Wood working, Plastic injection, Food Processing & etc. We also provide consultation services in clean air system and application of pneumatic components, ie : F.R.L’s, Cylinder, Solenoid Valves and accessories.

Feature Development Plan

The Pneumatic industry has good potential market and is expected to contribute significantly to the national economy. To maintain its forefront position in the global market, the company plans to enhance its products, services, distribution network and diversified into installation business.

This Directors of T.M. Automation & Engineering Trading Sdn. Bhd. are of the opinion that after taking into account the banking facilities, the company will have adequate working capital for its foreseable requirements. These involve the following :

Diversification of Market Base
The company is planning to broaden its clientele base by tapping the markets in other regions in Malaysia. The company is currently expanding its market to Northern Region of Malaysia.

Diversification of business.
The company is exploring the possibility of diversified into business of installers, maintainers of electrical and Electronic Alarm Systems and Security System.

Service Centre
The company intends to set up a service centres towards the regions which will be used mainly to service its clients. With its expertise and experience, the Company would be in a position to explore this downstream service centre.